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5 vragen aan Kristoffer Ewald

In de aanloop naar het Data Driven Commerce Event stelden wij Kristoffer Ewald, digitaal strateeg bij metapeople, 5 vragen over zijn visie op Data Driven Commerce. Lees hier zijn antwoorden. 

What’s your connection with data driven commerce?
With a background in quantitative analysis, shopper psychology, early CRO and omni-channel methodologies, I've realized that true business optimization goes beyond paid media. It's a customer meets brand centric approach to business with data as the core driver of commerce.

Why is it in your opinion so important for companies to gain more knowledge about the use of data during client contact?
Because data is brand DNA! The time where a brand could afford to not know its own DNA is gone. Markets are dialogues. To power meaningful dialogues you must know your consumer, which happens via insights gained from the data - all the data!

What trends do you see in the personalisation of client contact in 2017?
A meaningful dialogue is based on personalisation done right: it understands the situational opportunity, the context the history and the aspiration of the consumer. The expectation of a millennial consumer accustomed to instant reactivity is sky high. The key trend I see this year is the extreme speed at which technology (capture, cloud processing/analysis), method and integration driving disruption in so many verticals.

What future data techniques are you hoping to apply within your business and why?
In short, cloud based native data plus 2nd/3rd party data like for example device-graphs combined with artificial intelligence and the extreme speed at which conversational interfaces are emerging. I see a huge need to a new type of expertise that understands at the core consumer psychology, the possibilities of technology and a "new" approach to what a brand is.

What lessons are you aiming to share with the participants during your presentation at the Data Driven Commerce event?
In short, I will share my current insights and future predictions in order to truly drive your business through an optimal synergy between Data, Technology and Brand Creatives.

Looking forward meeting you there!

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