Bram van Asseldonk
Jeroen Elshof DNZ

Bram van Asseldonk 
Achmea Vitaliteit

Actify is a corporate startup within the Achmea group. As Sr Manager Online, Bram van Asseldonk has introduced the lean startup and scrum framework and created a product market fit in a 2 year period. Bram managed 3 scrum teams that developed a vitality platform and 3 APPs for Android and iOS. After product market fit, Bram focused on scaling the platform and A/B test our APPs, with a strong focus on behavioral economics.

His focus is to eliminate waste in the entire design and development process and to create digital solutions that enable behavioral change.

Jeroen Elshof (co-host) 
De Nieuwe Zaak 

Consultant bij De Nieuwe Zaak en betrokken bij Actify vanaf het ontstaan van het concept.

Onze sessie om 12.20 – 12.50: Grote stappen, met kleine middelen – inzet van data binnen een lean startup




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