Eyal Oster (MobileBridge): “Data is everything for us and for our customers.”

What means data for your company and function?

Data is everything for us and for our customers. We are a data company as we help our customers to use data to achieve their business goals such as driving higher conversion, driving an exceptional customer experience, bringing their customers into their shops and connecting online and offline. The results are spectacular and we have seen some amazing transformations in which the smart usage of data and making it actionable resulted in very strong increase in customer KPI’s and of course our KPI’s.

How do you use data to achieve your business case?

We collect data from multiple channels using both existing data driven systems such as CRM’s, POS, eCommerce and loyalty programs and we combine this data with our own unique real-time mobile data stream such as customer location (both indoor & outdoor), local weather, his/her preferences and engagement with the brand, and of course the personal data that a user provides, regarding friends and community – all combined into a very accurate view of the customer throughout his/her customer journey. Then we make the data actionable by driving customer journey workflows which are driven in real-time by the stream of incoming data and existing data. The result for the end-user is spectacular as he feels that the communication with him/her is very precise, contextual and engaging – overall dramatically increasing the customer experience, resulting in happier, more loyal and of course more profitable customers.

What is the future of data?

We believe that data will play an even bigger role for companies in the future. There will be a shift from data used only for analytics and understanding the “bigger” picture to real-time data action on all channels. Data sources will become more varied, accurate and smart. Machine learning and AI will play big roles in how the data is used and the final result of course will be a win-win situation for both our customers and their consumers.

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