Jagoda Trąbińska: “We analyze data in real-time, regardless of the scale of operations.”

Where does your passion for data come from?

Data is the oil of the 21st century, a new source of insights and economic power. At Synerise we have a lot in common with scientists and explorers who began to extract oil and turn it into fuel more than 200 years ago. We enable business growth based on data: information is the next-generation fuel to drive revenues and optimize processes. Thanks to AI we can possess knowledge beyond human abilities.

That’s why we’re so passionate about it. It’s a totally new ground to explore and results from forging new technologies based on data are unprecedented. We discover the world again and we hope that outcomes from our work will help societies and businesses to develop and reach new heights.

What impact does data have on your organization?

At Synerise we use data and AI to help brands better respond to the needs of their customers. Thanks to collected data we can automate and personalize communication to lower churn, maximize conversions and build loyalty. We also do a lot of business intelligence, as well as the management of pricing policies. We analyze data in real-time, regardless of the scale of operations.

The necessity of having solutions that are able to understand the data flow and manage it comprehensively was at the heart of Synerise’s foundation in 2013. We scouted and saw the huge potential in almost every industry, including telco, retail, and financial services, to gather, process and utilize data enabling a customer-centric approach. So, I can say that we are the data itself. Equipped with science and as a powerful tool, we change it into business profit.

How do you prevent data from being ‘left on the shelf’, i.e. collected but not used?

We have our own unique, lightning-quick database, ready business solutions based on machine learning and an open platform. Thanks to it, we can analyze millions of interactions in real-time, so it’s impossible to lose any grain of information that can be turned into value for our clients and end-users of their products/services.

All collected data is working continuously to reach all the KPIs we have to deliver. As a provider of a data management platform, we help companies all around the globe to prevent them from such scenarios of having data left on the shelf. Moreover, we can use data collected in the past, no matter if its demographic, behavioral or transactional, regardless from which channel it was collected. We can aggregate it and search for valuable insights to make further data operations better.

What is the most important lesson you have learned about data?

I have been involved in digitalization projects for some time now and I thought that I have seen everything already, but the most exciting thing in data is the almost unlimited portfolio of use cases and scenarios. We work currently with global telco and retail brands and each day our team delivers new ideas on how to leverage collected data more accurately and to find unexplored grounds.

For example, we delivered a nice campaign for Orange, saving carts from physical locations. We connected the offline and online world by sending the cart by email to visitors who didn’t finish their purchase in a local store. It wasn’t possible months ago to implement such features in enormous organizations like Orange without the engagement of the IT department and millions of Euros of investment. And the results were very satisfying for the client because we found a new source of revenue.

Are there companies that serve as examples for you when it comes to data?

The first organization that comes to my mind is NASA, although it is not connected with a business world, the way they organize and display data is simply beautiful. I also appreciate research companies like Gartner, Forrester or McKinsey and Company on how precisely they can analyze markets and businesses operating in them. Also brands like Netflix or Spotify are worth watching in the case of their AI algorithm development dedicated to personalizing customer experience, however sometimes these recommendations are not so accurate as they can be, according to my own experience with such platforms.

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