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Simona Nita – Global Senior Data Analyst

Simona is a professional with over 10 years of experience in data projects in multinational companies. She is a business translator with a balanced mix of technical and business expertise. She is helping her stakeholders to identify and prioritize their business problems and she is using her technical knowledge to create the models and solutions for them.

Adil Bohoudi – Founder & Managing Director
Future Facts

Adil has 17 years of experience in data-driven projects, on both strategic and operational level. He has fulfilled many different positions within this field. Over the years, he has been faced with complex analysis questions regarding large quantities of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. He now spends his time applying his extensive experience and knowledge on business analytics. With this in mind, he started his own company: Future Facts.

Our presentation – How to increase your marketing ROI with Artificial Intelligence?

Many large companies are implementing or looking at the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. However, few companies are managing to create actual business value. One of the companies who have succeeded in doing so is TomTom. Together with Future Facts, they have implemented AI solutions, and in turn realized a higher marketing ROI. During this session we will show how business value was created through 5 success factors of AI based marketing.

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